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Unassisted Birth Story of Harper Joy

As we celebrate Harper's first birthday today, I figured I would write her birth story for the blog.
From conception to her birth, God taught me so much regarding hearing His voice and trusting Him and His perfect plan.  Such a testimony and one I love sharing.  All glory to Him.
Kyle and I felt guided for me to birth unassisted, (having no medical team present for the birth).
It wasn't one we took lightly.  We truly and earnestly sought God.  I could write a whole other post about this journey and all that God taught both Kyle and I, (and perhaps I will eventually).
Without further ado....

Unassisted Birth Story of Harper Joy

April 24th Kyle set up a babysitter last minute for us to go out on a dinner date. We decided to go to target first to pick up a few things we needed.  While walking around I had a very mild contraction followed by another at check out.  I didn't say anything to Kyle until we got to our restaurant as other signs were appearing.  I didn't want to g…

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