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ToteSavvy Review

Having three children, I have gone through many diaper bags.  Most of the time it would be a bag that I figured could play the part of a diaper bag.  Some mega failed and others did pretty well.  One issue, however, I ran into with each one was that there was never enough pockets or big enough compartments to hold all the stuff.  By stuff I mean mine and babies.  Everything tends to get all jumbled at the bottom of whatever bag I am using.  When I need something, I end up pulling stuff out  to get to that thing.  Only to then just throw everything back in making it even more messier than it was before.
I then came across this savvy little thing.  (Pun intended 😜).   Because Harper was already a toddler and the fact that she's my third, I ordered the mini size.  Game changer my friends!

Again, with Harper being a toddler I don't tend to overpack like I can with a newborn.  However, I do use cloth diapers, and let's face it, one cloth diaper takes the same amount of space …

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