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Removing Rust Stains

So, my washing machine is really old.  It's the same one we've had since we got married.  We are on our 13th year.  We also bought it used.  Just to give you an idea of how old this machine is.
It's been good to us until recently.  It's now acting old, bitter and rude.  Leaving rust stains on our clothes.    It stained one of my favorite shirts I bought from a small shop.  I was so upset.
Thankfully, I tried out a method on how to remove the stain and it worked!  I was so excited and happy that I just feel the need to share.  You know, incase you have a mean old bitter washer too. ;)

 Take half a lemon and rub that sucker on the rust stain.  I rubbed it good and hard until the lemon looked like I just squeezed it for lemonade.  I doubt that was necessary but I really wanted this stain to be out.

Then, let it air dry out in the sun.  The sun is natural bleach after all. 😉
After it sat under the sun for a few hours, I washed again like normal.  I did use oxy clean in t…

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