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Weekend Recap

Happy Monday my friends!

We had an amazing family weekend here.   With Kyle's work schedule, he alternates every other Saturday and Thursday off.  The last few weeks have been so busy.  Lots of fun!  Nonetheless, very busy.  It's only going to continue getting busy, if not busier, as the summer continues.  This past weekend though had nothing on the calendar.  Meaning, we were making it a family weekend.  And that we did.

Kyle got off early on Friday making it a Fri-yay!  I was then able to go to the next town and do a little shopping.  Solo!  That is always a huge treat for any mom.   I bought what I actually went for in the first place and then hit a few of my favorite stores.   Traffic was crazy on the drive home.  We live in a very touristy area.  So, during spring and summer the roads get very heavy and congested between drivers and pedestrians crossing the busy highways.
Once I finally got back home, we took the kids out to dinner.

Saturday we took our older two to go…

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