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So, sorry it's been a while since I posted anything but there is a good reason.  Anna Lynne has arrived!  She was born April 28th at 12:55 pm.  Weighing 7.5 lbs and 20 1/4 in long.  It has been close to 3 weeks but taking care of a newborn is pretty time consuming.  :)
Her birthday was the most amazing day of my life.  And I love sharing Anna's birth story.  It goes a little something like this-
The moment we started trying to have a baby, I knew I wanted to go all natural.  It was my dream/ passion.  I prayed from the very beginning that God have favor and allow it all to work out.  I then prayed that He have His will be done.  That He knew what day Anna was going to be born and which way she was to be born too and I wanted His will to be done.  Praying that of course I thought "well, of course His will is for me to have this baby vaginally and natural" so thought nothing of it.  Well, when I was about 33 weeks, we learned that Anna was breeched.  I mean, head straight up and feet straight down breeched.  I wasn't worried whatsoever though.  There is still plenty of time for this precious baby to flip and I can have her naturally.  A few weeks later at my next appointment, about 35-36 weeks, we check and there she is...still head straight up.  I do crazy research and do every stretch, exercise and position you can think of to encourage her to flip.  A week later at the next appointment- nope still head straight up.  At this point I am crying at every appointment and feeling discouraged that she is not flipping.  I praise God, I had a great doctor that continued to encourage me and tell me there is still time and remember how healthy she is.  I would go home and cry and pray and then I would be ok.  I was standing strong on that God was going to flip her.  At my 38 week appointment, I had the worst day.  First off, I was really wanting Kyle to go with me to the appointment.  Last minute he learned that he wasn't able to go.  Someone didn't show up at work so they were short handed and he had to stay.   I drive the 45 minute drive to my doctors on a car that decides it's blinker doesn't want to work so I got honked and flipped off many times on my way there.  Of course, doing so to a 38 week hormonal pregnant lady isn't always the best.  I get to the appointment and already knowing that she hasn't flipped I just go in already wanting to cry.  We do the ultrasound and there she was, still breeched.  I just smile and hold back the tears.  They set me up in the room to wait for my doctor and I keep trying to hold back tears.  My doctor walks in and after some talking she asks me about setting up a date in our next appointment for a csection.  I lose it!  Now, my doctor was so great.  She never pushed me having a csection and she wasn't making me set one up for the next week but with my due date coming close we would have to at least start talking about it.  She comforts me and tells me that it very well could still happen that she flips and if she doesn't- Anna is so healthy and that is what is really important.  She then tells me too that my amniotic fluid is a little low.  Nothing to worry about at that moment but will have to keep an eye on also.  I leave the appointment terribly sad and cried the whole ride home.  I didn't understand why God wasn't flipping her.  I wanted to be mad at Him.  I just kept praying.  I called my sister and updated her and again, kept trying to hold back tears in front of her.  I guess I just didn't want people to think I was being stubborn or thinking that I was losing faith in Anna flipping.  My sister gave me the best advise.  She told me that it was ok to cry.  To just cry and that if she doesn't flip, that it's ok.  I really believed God told me that she was going to flip and I told her that one day.  I was so afraid of "what if I didn't hear from God.  Oh no!  I was wrong!".  She let me know that was ok too.  So, after I get off the phone I do cry.  I cried harder than I think I ever have before. God reminded me of my prayer from the very beginning- that His will be done and Anna arrive in this world the way He has it planned. I then decided that I wouldn't be mad at God.  I was going to just continue glorifying Him.  I then prayed and told Him that if I do have to get a csection, I want my heart to be changed and me be perfectly ok with it.  Not settle for it but to be really ok.  I then prayed that my birthing experience, bonding moment with baby right away and nursing not to be robbed from me.  I wanted a super natural fast recovery.  And I also didn't want to pick her birthday.  I prayed from when we were trying to start our family- "God you know what her birthday is suppose to be".  That is what got me through all those months that I wasn't pregnant.  I would think "well God didn't want her born that month".  And wouldn't you know, the first thing that happened was God changed my heart.  I was 100% ok with whatever God had, even csection.  It actually kinda scared me a little but I praised Him for changing my heart.
39 weeks comes and I had an appointment that thursday.  The night before I talked to Kyle and told him that it was very possible I can have her tomorrow, (thursday).  If we go in and my fluids are lower, they might want to go ahead and take her out.  So we prepared for so and packed all our bags.  I also was having mild contractions that night too.  I was in early labor.
We go to our appointment and they do ultrasound and she was breeched, (which I knew she was).  When I walk out my doctor is in hallway and I just smile at her and told her "ok, csection it is I guess".  We go to the room and she walks in and asked if we were ready for her to be born.  I smile and say yes.  She then asked if I was ok with csection and I answer yes.  She then asked if we were ready today.  I just calmly tell her yes that we have all our bags.  She then told us that my fluids were extremely low and it would be best to get her out today.  I look at kyle and his face is almost white.  But I just stayed calm and thanked God that  He answered another prayer.  I did not have to choose her birthday.
So we go to the hospital and get me settled in and hooked up.  At 1230 I walk to the operating room.  They give me the spinal and tell me I am going to feel a big pinch like a bee sting-  nothing.  I don't feel a thing.  They then tell me there will be warm sensation.  Again, nothing.  I feel my feet tingle and then me go numb.  Before I knew it Kyle was brought it and what seemed like a few minutes later, they are telling me, "there's her foot.  Her other foot.  She is out"  I am crying and I hear her crying.  They lift her over the sheet for me to see her and when they do, she stops crying and we lock eyes- me and Anna.  There was that other answered prayer.  There was our bonding.  No, I might not have got to feel her on my chest right away but I that moment when we lock eyes will forever be an amazing memory.   They take her over to fix her up and they sow me back.  What seemed like a few minutes later, they roll me to the recovery room where Kyle is holding our new precious baby girl.  They bring her to me and let me hold her and then they announce, "Ok, lets start nursing".   And there is my next answered prayer, she latches on like we have been doing this for ages.  I am in awe!
God might not have allowed her to flip and I might not have been able to go all natural like I wanted but He sure did answer every other prayer.  And not even 3 weeks later, my doctor and others are amazed at how well I am recovered.  Even when I was at the hospital, nurses were so amazed.  One even told me I was the girl that they talked about because I was already up and walking around.
I am proud to announce that Anna is still nursing great and our little family has such a bond.
I thank God daily for not just her but for the great birthing experience that I had with Anna.  I wouldn't change a thing with how she was born.  And the good news is, there is always next time to try natural.  :)

Anna Lynne

Anna with my amazing doctor- Dr Graham

I love our bonding moments

Daddy and daughter 

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