Crazy Hair Lady...

When I was young, I hated my hair.  I was the girl with frizzy curls and all my friends had beautiful straight hair.  I would cry some nights and ask God why He gave me this hair.  As I got older I did some crazy and stupid things with my hair.  Senior year of high school, for example, I cut it all off.  I was rockin' the curl fro except it wasn't all!  I let it grow back out and the curls were so tight.  I mean jerry curl looking tight curls.  Then I discovered the flat iron.  Spending hours straightening out my curls, (and frying my hair while I was at it).  "Haha!  I will never wear my hair curly again!", I thought.  However, dodging rain and humidity while living in Florida, of all places, got old.   Then, I finally decided to just embrace my beautiful, frizzy, messy and curly hair.  Sure enough I started to actually like my hair.  Some days I even loved my hair, (insert *gasp* here).  Who would of thought?  

Now, of course, I have my days where I pray again and ask God, "Seriously?  Why this crazy hair?!"
I had one of those days today as I was quickly trying to get ready before Anna woke up from her nap.  I was huffing and puffing and getting close to grabbing the scissors and start chopping away like some crazy, mad woman.  But then I thought, "Why not just have fun with this frizzy mess?"  And that's just what I did.  
Since it's looking like Anna might have my hair, as far as the curls go, I am sure there will be days that I will have to pat her back and smile as she cries to me how much she hates her hair.  Then again, she could never have that problem and just love it the way it is.  I pray for the latter.

Frizzy Hair Fun

What to do with all this hair?!
"Not what I heard"
That strand didn't want to be pinned up.  Sometimes my hair has a mind of it's own...

End result with cheesy grin

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