Happy Weekend

Weekend came and went and we had some good times.  Nothing too exciting and nothing planned but those are the best weekends. 
Friday it rained and rained and rained some more.  Anna is so much like her daddy when it comes to that kind of weather.  She can just sleep right through it all and she loves it.  I, on the other hand, love to be awake and sit on my balcony listening to the rain hit the roof.  While Anna was napping I made me a nice and cozy place for me to sit, sip my coffee and just enjoy the rain.  I set it all up, snapped a picture and as soon as I snapped the picture there was a huge snap, crackle, pop thunder and lightning.  I screamed and ran inside.  After laughing hesterically at myself, I went and checked on Anna thinking for sure she woke up.  Nope.  Still laying there sucking her thumb and off in dreamland.  I went back and collected all my stuff off the balcony and just made another cozy spot next to my window to enjoy the rest of my down time I had. 

My cozy spot before the thunder changed my mind/location
 After Anna awoke from her adventures in dreamland and the lightning went away, I nursed her on the balcony.  We also sang and talked while up there.  While I was pregnant, I loved sitting up there and rocking and rubbing my belly and just talking to her.  Such good times.
Anna waving and kicking as we sing and talk
We also created our first "indoor fort" while it rained.  It was a fast put together using my bar stools and my thin/ holey quilt.  It made me realize that I need to start making things to hang for when we do it again.  I think I had more fun then Anna did.  I absolutely love making indoor forts.  Always have.  Even when I worked in daycare and was a nanny, indoor forts were a must on rainy days.  It will be so much fun when Anna is old enough to actually build them herself.  But for now, I don't mind making them. ;)
Our homemade indoor fort
Now that she can grasp and reach, my hair is her favorite toy

Saturday was a busy day but of course fun.  Kyle works at a music store that Anna and I visit quite often.  Especially since it's just a walk away.  Every time we go, I show her all the different instruments and now that she is so aware of her surroundings, it's becoming more fun.  They have a rain stick and that seems to be her favorite right now.  But that might change here soon because now she knows how to push down the keys on the piano.  I always sit with her on my lap and play a little something.  I think she was more fascinated more by the black and white keys than the noise.  However, when we went Saturday she started pushing down on them and I would sing "la la la" as she did.  She then started using her voice like she was singing.  It was the most amazingly beautiful thing ever.  I believe Kyle was able to record her but for now I just have a picture...
She will be our little song bird, no doubt.

Sunday we celebrated Kyle's dad's birthday.  It's so crazy to think that it was his last birthday celebration that we told the family the wonderful news that our little family was growing.  I wanted to so bad say, "Happy birthday Pop!  From Kyle, Sarah, Anna and grandbaby #6!"  However, I didn't.  It would probably have freaked the family out.  Haha.  Sure would have been funny though.
Pop with his 5 crazy grandkids :)

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