Oh...what a day

So, this morning, Anna decided she wanted to wake up super early at 5:30, ( I understand that is not early for some people but Anna normally doesn't wake up until 7:30 the earliest.  I know, right?  I am so blessed!).   I have been kinda, somewhat trying to get her to drink from a bottle so I can sometimes go hang out without her.  Therefore, I pumped the night before and stored the mama milk in the fridge.  I thought, "why not try the bottle now?"  So, I am boiling water and I stick the milk storage packet in the water that is waiting to be boiled.  Reminder, it's 5:30 am and I am still waking up and just so it's clear, Anna is sitting safely and nicely in her swing in our living room.  I go to make some coffee and I smell a little something burning.  I turn and just see fire on top of the oven.  All I can think of is, "DON'T THROW WATER ON IT!!"  I then grab the flour and stop and think, "is it flour you throw on fire when the stove is on fire?  Or is this only for when grease is on fire?  Do I need to stop, drop and roll?"  So, I just stand there and start calling for Kyle.  Of course, I wake him up and freak him out.  I just hear stumbling up stairs and hear him asking where I am.  He then runs down stairs and I start shouting "fire! On top of  the oven!"  He runs in and is looking around and then he spots the little flame that is on our oven burner.  He calmly removes the pan and takes the little flame out with a dish towel.  As I am still standing there holding flour.  I was wide awake after that.  The plastic storage bag drooped over the pan and touched the burner causing a little flame, (that little flame looked big to me...just sayin').   So, that was our adventurous morning.  All the while, Anna is happily swinging with a big grin.  Needless to say, I didn't even bother with the bottle.  
I, of course, don't have a picture of the little flame because I was too busy standing there with flour but I did take pictures of the after math.

The burnt plastic

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