Time flies when you're having fun...

From 3 weeks to now 3 months.  Things have been quite busy here.  Learning and figuring out how to be this whole first time mom thing has been taking up quite a bit of my time.  It's been amazing though!  Anna is doing so many new things, it's hard to keep up sometimes.  I am a journal type of gal.  Love documenting and remembering dates as life goes on but wow!  Keeping notes and dates of when Anna does what is quite the challenge.  Thank God for "baby calendars" right?  Of course because I started one with her I will have to have one for all my other future children so that brings on more pressure.  However, we won't worry about that for a while.  
So, to catch up-
I celebrated my first Mother's Day. 
Anna had her first photo shoot.  My wonderful friend Ali is an amazing photographer.  She was so very kind to take Anna's newborn pictures even though she had a baby just 5 days before Anna was born, (they will be the best of friends).  You need to check out her blog to see her awesome talent.  http://plumbphotography2.blogspot.com/

Anna also went in the pool for the first time.  It was for a few minutes but it was fun.  She still has the best time with anything water.

Anna smiled, (non gassy), for first time.  It was the most amazing thing.  Her smile could melt anyone's heart.  Nothing like a baby making eye contact and smiling as you talk to her.  She also discovered her voice.  
This month Kyle also celebrated his first Father's Day.  I am so blessed to have him.  He is just amazing with her.  Anna and I are two very blessed girls.  And Anna's father's day gift was sleeping through the night.  She slept from 1130-830 am.  And yes, she has been keeping that up ever since.  I woke up that morning at 730 and flew to her bassinet to check on her and she was peacefully sleeping.  After my heart calmed down, I smiled, thanked the good Lord and then laid back down to only keep checking on her every 5 minutes until she woke up.  Ah, the joys of being a first time mom. ;)
Ah, the fun month!  The month she turned 3 months.  
We had her baby dedication on the 3rd.  I, of course, had to have Anna, daddy and I all dress in matching colors that would compliment each other, (not too matchy-matchy).  We shopped all day the Thursday before that Sunday to find the perfect outfit for Anna to only decide that we had one, (a linen white romper with turquoise and brown beads on the straps.  Amazingly cute and will be sad when the day comes that she outgrows it).  I couldn't wait to get our picture together after church of us all looking spiffy and pretty.  However, Anna had different plans.  Right after her dedication and we go sit back down in our seats, Anna decided to poop all over her clothes and Kyle's shirt.  It was crazy!  Thankfully, Kyle had an extra shirt and I of course had extra clothes for Anna but I was so sad.  However, so thankful she held it in for after the dedication. 
This month Anna had her first holiday- Independence Day.  We went to my uncle and aunts house who live on the water and we able to watch fireworks from there.  They were close enough to see but far enough that they weren't too loud.  So, it was perfect.
Anna is proud to be an american! ;)
This day was also the first time for her to feel sand.  It's been way too hot to take her to the beach so that will have to wait until the end of summer but on the bay at this time of day was perfect.  And she loved the feel of the sand.  I think she will be my lil' beach babe.
Other "firsts" have been leaving her with Lolli so Kyle and I could go to eat.  We were just a few minutes away but I kept checking my phone to make sure I didn't miss a call.  And of course of all times, our waiter took the longest time to take our order and then for our food to get to us.  My order was messed up but I didn't care cause I just wanted to eat and go get Anna.  I am better now but I was a worry wart that day.  Of course, Anna was happy and content and didn't miss me at all. ;)  

She also found her hands for the first time.  Love the look of wonder when those hands are in front of her face.  She has also found her thumb.  She hates a paci but is a good thumb sucker.
And the best yet; she laughed, I mean really laughed, for first time.  It was the most amazingly awesome sound ever!  Kyle was talking to her and called her "squiggle buns", (she has a new nickname every day from daddy), and she just thought it was the funniest thing and she laughed.  I was brushing my teeth and I just hear Kyle shout, "she's laughing!" and so I ran in there and that's when I heard it.  She has only done it a few times but when she does, there is nothing better. 

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