Happy 80th Birthday...

To the most amazing Papa ever! 
Seriously, he is going to live to be 120.  He actually said that he wants to live to be 120.  And I have no doubt that he will.  This guy has the most giving, caring and sweet spirit who loves the Lord like I believe God intended for His people to when He first made Adam and Eve.  He is such an inspiration to so many. 
This past Sunday we celebrated his 80th birthday.  All his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren surprised him and attended our church.  I believe that was the most amazing gift his family could have given him.  We all got together after church for cake and icecream.  My papa smiles all the time but I have never seen such joy on his face like I did on Sunday.  Just to have all his family together.  I know it meant a lot to him. 
When I say I am from a big family, I mean HUGE!  We are our own tribe.  It's pretty amazing.  Papa and my late grandma had 5 children of their own, 21 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren.  You add in all the spouses....it's a tribe. 
And I don't like to brag but what an amazing "tribe" we are.  Of course, we get our amazingness from my Papa.  ;)
Sansom Family

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