Lovely Moments

I love my "lovely moments" with my family.  It's those times that all I can do is close my eyes, smile and thank God from the bottom of my heart for all the blessings that He has given me.  And it's those "lovely moments" that I try to remember and picture in my head to get me through the not so lovely times.  I figured I would share a few of my "lovely moments" that I have shared with my lovely family. :)

Lazy mornings are one of my favorite moments with my family.  After Anna wakes up, I bring her in our bed and she then gives Kyle the biggest grin.  And after she is done nursing, the three of us have our cuddle, play and talk time.  It makes my heart so very happy.

Next lovely moment is watching the the look of wonder on my daughter's face when she thinks something is just the most amazing thing ever.  It takes everything in me not to run over to her and start playing and talking to her when she is so content discovering things and playing by herself.  So, I just try and stand back and admire it all from a distance.

I am so happy and thankful that I have a snuggle bug.  I absolutely LOVE my snuggle times with Anna.  She is most snugly when she is either tired or just woke up from her naps.  I really, really take this all in knowing that one day she will be an active toddler and not want to sit still for a few minutes for me to just hold her.  

Lovely moments #4 is our bonding moments as I nurse her.  I just love when she holds on tight to my shirt and just looks up at me with those big blue eyes.  Sometimes I will sing to her but sometimes it's great when I just smile and stare back at her.  
(I have no pictures of me nursing her so the one above will just have to do.  It was our talking sessions after she was  done eating)

I fall in love more and more with these two when I watch them together.  I love how Anna "tells daddy about her day" when he gets home from work.  And the way he just listens and interacts with her is a beautiful thing.  

Those are just a few of my "lovely moments" with my lovely family.   Hope you had a lovely time reading them.  
What are some of yours?

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