We did it!!

I don't think it takes long of you getting to know me to learn that I am a pretty big disney world fan.  Being in a family of 9 kids, my parents didn't take us to disney world when we were kids, (and I do not blame them!  That would be the price of buying a car or house I am sure).  So, my first real trip was back in March of 2006.  It was on that trip one night as my husband and I were riding on the disney bus back to the resort that I turned to him and said, "We have to take our kids here one day.  Promise me we will take our kids here?"  He just smiled and told me that of course we would.  He had no idea that we would be going back to disney world at least once a year from then on.  (That year, 2006, we went a total of 3 times).  Fast forward 4 years and I am pregnant and I tell Kyle that we need to start planning our trip to disney world with Anna.  I believe his first response was to roll his eyes at me but sure enough, planning started taking place.  So, not only did I have a countdown to Anna being born but I also had a countdown to our first family vacation to Disney World.  
September came super fast.  And we took Anna on her first trip to Walt Disney World!  Yep, that's right.  We took our one week shy of 5 month old to disney world.  So, yeah, she won't remember a thing when she is older.  No, there was no kiss on the cheek from Anna with a "thank you so much momma and daddy for bringing me here!"  However, it was the best disney trip ever and I have no regrets of taking her.  Anna did so amazingly good.  She slept when she was tired no matter where she was and then was content in either her stroller or me wearing her.  When she met the disney characters, she smiled at them and was fascinated by the colors of them and their clothes.  Her favorite was Pluto but I think that had to do with him being bright yellow.
Of course, there will be more disney world trips to come with us taking Anna and her future siblings.  And they will be just as special as this time.
Anna received her "first visit" button

Daddy and Anna in line on daddy's favorite ride- Peter Pan's Flight

My favorite moment.  

That smile is just the most amazing thing! 

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