I follow quite a few blogs.  There are some amazingly creative ladies out there!  I am not that crafty or that creative but I do try.  And reading all these blogs only inspires me to become more creative and crafty. 

There is a particular blog that I follow that I just get inspired by almost every one of her posts.  You can check out her blog HERE .   I think we are long lost sisters or something.  We both have quite a few things in common.  One of the many things is her love for thrift stores, yard saling and antique shops.  I know, who doesn't love those things?! 
She will get vintage children's books and make cards out of them.  How genius!!  When I read her post about her doing so, I was very much inspired.  I have collected quite a few vintage children's books since before finding out I was pregnant for me to read to my future little blessings.  However, I went to the thrift store the other day with the motive to find vintage christmas books to make christmas cards.  And don't you know I left one happy person.

 I might have only walked out with two, (plus a thanksgiving book and a few others) but I was so very excited!  I can't wait to start making the cards plus gift tags!  (I will be sure to post them once I finish).
Yay for inspiration and creativity!   And thanks Jess for the awesome idea! 

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