"Little Big Moments"

I was reading an article in the November issue of Parents magazine and I needed a tissue.  It was titled "Little Big Moments".  I tried to find it on their website so that I could just place the link on here so you could read it but it wasn't on there.  I guess that is why they make you pay for the subscription huh? Anyways, it was regarding how birthdays and graduations are such big milestones that tug our hearts but the smaller milestones tug a lot more than the big events sometimes.  They used some examples.  Such as, the umbilical falling off, when the first tooth breaks through and they no longer have that gummy grin.  Then there were some that I haven't experienced yet.  Such as, the final time of nursing the little one, their final night sleeping in the crib and first haircuts.  The ones I have already experienced, I just kinda smiled and kept saying "awe,  yeah".  And when I read some of the examples that I haven't experienced yet, (like the nursing one!), I got teary eyed.  Then I started thinking of some of our very own "little big moments" that they didn't mention.  Such as:
  • when they no longer co-sleep or sleep in your room.  I have even tried co-sleeping with Anna at least for naps and she just isn't having it.  Little miss independent. 
  • putting away clothes Anna outgrew.  When I put away the newborn clothes I was getting so emotional.  I figured it had to be normal for the first time doing so.  I thought I would be ok when the time comes for me to put away the 0-3 months.  However, when that time came, I was still emotional.  We will see how it goes when I have to put away the 3-6 month clothes.  (Which will be soon!  This baby is a growing beast!)
  • Sleeping through the night.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I am not exactly wishing for her to stop sleeping through the night.  I just sometimes miss our 12 am, 3 am and 5 am feeding/bonding times.  Plus, I knew all the pop songs thanks to vh1 and knew what new gadgets that were invented thanks to infomercials. 
I love watching my little sunshine grow and watching her reach all the amazing milestones, (the big and the small).  It all goes by so fast that I need to stop and just enjoy each and every moment we are in at that moment.

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