You, my dear...

Sweet Anna,
Eight months ago, I finally got to hold you close in my arms.  What an amazing day that was!   You were so small and peaceful laying on my chest.  All you were doing was sleeping, eating and pooping. ;) Maybe a little crying here and there.  Now, you are scooting all over the place.  Trying to pull yourself up on things. Getting soo very close to clapping your hands.  Laughing hysterically when we play the peek-a-boo game. Giving daddy the biggest of grins when he comes home from work.
Eight months later, you are now eating "big girl food", (cut up very small, of course).  You no longer want Mama to feed you with a spoon.  You like to pick your food up by yourself off the plate.  You are my little independent one.  You now have 5 teeth!   And you like to show those off too.  It's a fun game of teaching you that we don't bite fingers or shoulders. ;)
You like to say the words "ma ma ma", "da da da" and "yeah yeah yeah".  You just like to talk in general. So much like mama. ;)
You're favorite thing to watch is big kids playing.  You think it's funny and can't wait to get down and join them.  Soon, sweet girl, very soon.
Daddy and I love watching you grow.  We are so blessed that God has chosen us to be your parents.  What an amazing purpose and plan there is for you.  What awesomeness that you have already started living it.
 You have filled our hearts with so much love that we could bust. There is no other like you, sweet Anna.
Love you to the moon and back.

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