Beach time baby

Anna is now close to 9 months and we took her to the beach for the first time the other day.
Honestly, I am surprised it took me this long to take her.  She was here all last summer but I would just get so nervous about the heat and the sun and her fare skin she inherited from her daddy that I just never took her.  
However, I am blessed to live in Florida.  The state where you can take your family and yourself to the beach during the winter.  So, it was a little chilly and the water was ice cold but there is nothing better than the sound of the ocean while sinking your toes in the cool sand.
Anna was a little nervous about the sound of the "loud" waves.  (It's a new phase.  She hates unfamiliar "loud" sounds).  She did enjoy herself though.  She liked sinking her toes in the sand too.  She wasn't a fan of you standing in the water while holding her at first but she eventually got used to it.
We brought along Lolli and Pop because Lolli is just as much of a fan of the beach as I am and knew she would want to witness Anna's "first beach experience".  :)
Now, if only I can be patient enough for it to be really warm and I take Anna to the beach often.

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