Only a few more hours left of the last day of January.  I would normally make a comment about how I can't believe it's the end of the month already.   However, this month didn't seem to go by so fast.  It wasn't slow either.  Just smooth sailin', I suppose.
A few days ago, Anna turned 9 months.  Kyle and I have been blessed with getting to know, hold, kiss, laugh, dance, nurture and just love on her for 9 months!  What a gift!
She has accomplished so many things this past month.  She can officially wave.  Her favorite thing to wave to?  A light/ fan and her reflection.  She is too much fun.  She also officially pulls up on things and climbs.  Yes, I said climbs.  She has found the stairs.  So far, she has only made it to the first step.  And that is all she will get to for a while.  Baby gate time.  Yesterday, she figured out how to sip from a straw. We have been practicing the sippy cup for a while now.  You have realize, Anna has never taken a bottle.  She, from the time she was just a few weeks old and we first tried, hated it.  Just won't do it.  Then I tried introducing the sippy cup when we started solids.  It was nothing but a toy that put water in your mouth so that you could spit out.  I then purchased a sippy with a straw and by the second day, she drink from it like she has done this for years.  I clapped and "yay'ed" (< that a real word?) for her.  She just kind of looked at me like I had a second head growing from my neck at first.  She then smiled the biggest grin.
I had to laugh at myself for getting so excited.  However, I love this new life.  I love that I get excited at things like my daughter drinking from a sippy cup or her no longer needing a "baby tub" at bath time.
My personality is the type that I am always looking for "what's next?".  It's actually hard for me to enjoy and embrace the moment.  Even when I like that moment, I naturally want the next good moment.  Anna has taught me, (and is still teaching me), to just chill.  Sit back and take it all in.  Don't rush.  I believe it's more that I just don't want her to grow up too fast.  I don't want to think back and not be able to remember the time that she first drink from a straw, or whatever other accomplishment, because I was looking for what's next.

Sweet Anna love,
What an amazing gift you are!  You bring such joy and happiness to mamma and daddy's heart.  Love you, little one.

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