So this is the new year...

Happy 2012!  I am so excited for this year.  I just know and believe that this year is going to bring so many good things to my little family, my big family and good friends.  I trust this is the year for many breakthroughs that we have been praying for.   And that makes me super happy, (as Kailan from Nihao Kailan would say ;))

I don't do "new year resolutions" because I never actually do them.  So, instead, I set some goals.  That I actually set at the end of last year and some already started.  There are the simple and basic ones.  Such as, cook more healthy for me and my family to eat.  Finish fixing up little things in the home.  Become 100% debt free!  <Thank you Dave Ramsey.  This actually looks possible.

I then have some just for me personally.  To become more creative;  actually do some of the creative things I pinned on pinterest. :)    To be a better wife/ mom/ christian.   To get more involved in the things my heart desires.  To mail out "just because" cards to friends I don't see that much of anymore.  etc, etc.

So, here's to you, goals; accomplishments; high mountains to climb; breakthroughs; unforgettable moments of 2012.   I look forward to facing you all this year.  :)

And because my heart bursts with so much love for these two, here is a picture of them NYE.
Anna is excited for this year too. ;)

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