He leaves a legacy

I would like to introduce you to this man, Harold Hock.  Or as we like to call him, Papaw.
He went to be with the Lord, (as well as his son, his sister and other people he hasn't seen in a long time), February 16th.
This man was a walking example of unconditional love. He loved his wife and his family with his whole being. No matter what, he would do anything for them. He proved that to be true too many occasions for one person to count.
If I could say one more thing to him, it would be thank you.
Thank you for raising a son to be just as selfless and devoted to his wife and family.  To give every person chance after chance and not judge them by their past.  Teaching him to keep God center over everything.  How blessed I am to have that man as a father in law.  Who then, (with the help of his amazing wife), taught his four children the same values.  How even more blessed I am that God destined me to marry his son, Kyle.
Kyle inspires me to be a better person.  His love and devotion he has for his two girls; his willing to help anyone who needs it; his positive outlook in life.  
I promise Papaw, to continue the legacy of raising our children the same way.  If there were more people like you in this world, it would be a lovely place.

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