Our Sunday morning...

Consisted of-
*A lot of wiping and sucking Anna's nose.  Poor baby has had a stuffy and runny nose for a few days now.
*Our morning routine of listening to vinyls.  We used to come down stairs in the morning and right away turn the tv on.  Even if we weren't really watching anything, it was background noise.  Well, we got rid of it, (and I am so glad we did!).  It's a lot more fun to listen to some good jammin' music instead.
*Reading books to Anna.  Ok, it's more me just trying to at least point out pictures before Anna snatches the book away to chew on it.
*Etsy, coffee and knitting time for me once Anna goes down for her morning nap.

What a lovely Sunday morning it was.

How has your Sunday been so far?

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