Such the planner

Anna is 3 months shy of turning one!  It's not too abnormal to be already planning her birthday party, right?  Ok, confession- been planning since she was about 6 months.  All I have done is make lists...and collecting little odds and ends to make favors and such.  OK, and already bought some other things to make "party hats".  But that's all!  That is until now.  I am officially getting ready to make the invites.  I am using these books to do so.
Can you guess the theme? ;)
Preparing for lots of fun scrap paper, finger painting with little hands and lots of pictures to capture it all.
Can't show too much before the party, of course.  Just some sneak peeks here and there. :)

It's funny.  I always told myself that I would never be one of those parents who goes all out on her child/ children's first birthday.  I mean, they don't even know the difference.  Then, Anna came along and a lot of things I said I would never do I find myself doing.  What a silly little girl I was with my silly little expectations.

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