The sun decided to come back so that we could be the "sunshine state" again and everyone is happy!  Even my cloth diapers appreciated her return.  It's been a while since I they got a good soak in the sun.
Anna and I went for a couple of walks and pretty much stayed outside almost the whole day.

We joined friends at the park.  I think everyone agreed that it was a great day for a play date in the sun with good friends.  There were quite a few groups of moms out.  Again, we were outside most of the day. :)
There is no other better sound than the sound of her laugh

It was time to stop neglecting my house.  Anna was in a very clingy mood that day so this is pretty much how I got anything done.  :)

It was days of a lot of running around doing errands, dinner with friends, playing, laughing. teething, etc, etc.  We were ready for the weekend and for daddy to have the whole weekend off.

The weekend!-
Good morning!!

Kyle and I had their songs stuck in our head all day!  It was horrible

Some of our little treasures we found yard saling/ thrifting
ps. I hate those clowns

Anna napping in between all the driving

she so bad wanted to run and join the big kids at the playground.
made mama a little nervous

sushi and listening to some good local tunes.

the best local doughnut shop!  We had to pick some up for next morning ;)

That was our week.  And what a lovely week it was.  :)

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