"Ah, change is good" as the wise Rafiki once said.  It's Lion King and I think I have that whole movie memorized now.
There has been some transitioning going on around here.  With Anna, with our lives in general.  I may not be able to share all of it quite yet but I will all in the right timing.  Yes, the right timing.  I feel like those two words have been quoted by us many times lately.

It's amazing to watch Anna grow and change right before our eyes.  Her little personality just keeps blossoming.  She is probably the funniest person I know.  (Sorry Kyle.  She just might have you beat)  She has become a little independent too.  She already will push me away if I try helping her turn a page on a book or feed her with her fork/spoon.  What?  Already?!  Yes, she no longer wants to be treated like a 6 month old.  Can you believe that? ;)  She's an official walker.  No crawling around here.  It's actually a constant thing- me forgetting to bring her shoes when we are out and about.  Oops.
She also added a new word to her vocabulary.  Today, as a matter of fact.  "Uh-oh" is the word.  And it's super cute.  When she is ready to nurse, she signs "more".   Though, technically, everything is "more".  She is done eating her meal and she wants out of her highchair- "more".   I try working with her on the other signs too but I guess for right now, that one is her favorite. :)  Her favorite song to sing is "itsy bitsy spider".  She will also let you know when she thinks the song is done.  I will be singing how the sun has come up and she breaks out in her applause and yay'ing.  Then she takes over on the song.  My little song bird.

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