Hello?...Hello! Anyone there?

Oh, hello there.  It's been a while, yeah?  I finally dusted off the cobwebs on this little blog and decided to come back.  It's a busy life being a mama of a toddler, ya know. 
There will be no detailed catching up on the crazy, but lovely, life of the Hock clan.  Who has time to sit and read a novel?  Much less, write one.  Not I. 
June and July have been amazingly awesome months that flew by all too fast.  We have had few to no beach days.  It's hot down here, folks!  There have been lots of playdates with cousins and friends; welcoming new friends into the world; mommy and daddy dates alone while Anna hangs out with Pop and Lolli; getting ready for weddings for family,(Kyle and I are best man and matron of honor in 2 seperate weddings.  As well as Anna being a flower girl); crafting; coffee dates with siblings; dancing; playing; laughing, etc., etc, etc.  It's been a busy, crazy and hot summer.  But oh so fun.  I love it!
My joyful Anna.  Her new obsession is to wear a necklace, (besides the amber).