The time has come

Anna no longer, let me rephrase, no longer wants "mama milk". 17 months. That's how long we lasted. I knew this time was coming. Milk supply was dwindling. Anna wasn't nursing as much. I was even ok with it...or so I thought. I never wanted to go through weaning. I wanted it all to happen naturally. However, that day that we went the first whole day of her not nursing, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad. I believe physically I was ready. But emotionally it was a different story. She even clung to daddy more. Of course that makes me happy. But it also made me a little sad. I have always been her comfort. She is sick? Mama milk is the answer. She just fell and skinned her knee? Mama milk is the answer. She oddly woke up in the middle of the night? Mama milk. She is crying and we have no idea why. Give her mama milk. I enjoyed being the answer and fix to all things. I learned I did more than I thought.
She actually fell and banged her head on the hard floor just last week. Of course she cried and honestly, I wanted to cry with her. The sound of that fall hurt me. I did try to nurse her to help comfort her. She latched for a few minutes then just let go and gave me the look like, "umm....nothing's there". Then went back to playing.
As sad as it is to say goodbye to any milestone in life with a babe, it always means a hello to a new one.
So, I welcome you new adventures and milestones with I big grin and open arms.
The many adventures of breastfeeding
Taken by Plumb Photography

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