Home Learning Time

School year has officially started here in my neck of the woods.  I don't know what it is about the beginning of the school year that gets me all giddy.  Maybe it's the fact that it also means fall is close by, (though you would have no idea living in Florida with all the heat and humidity.  It feels like Fall is a million light-years away).  Or maybe it's the feeling of a new season.  Regardless, I love this time.
Only being 2.5 years old, Anna is not yet "school aged".  However, we have done some home learning activities.  I have tried since last year to combine play with learning and have activities lined up so we weren't stuck watching tv all day or having to deal with "boredom" tantrums.  Over the summer, however, I slacked a lot.  Of course, I allowed myself to but I was pretty excited to start doing more planned activities and feeling a little more organized.  What better time to start than in the beginning of the school year when everyone else is doing the same.  ;)
We are also on the "around 2 months until baby is due" countdown and so I have been wanting to make sure I use as much of this time of having only one fun and memorable for Anna.  I don't want to be so structured and yet I want to be organized.  Especially now before the baby comes when I know my time will be more limited to being able to think of "lesson plans" or a learning schedule.  Thankfully there is pinterest!  What did we do before pinterest??  I don't know.  I have been getting most of my ideas from there and been just storing links to my computer.  That way when I am more busy with a toddler and newborn all I have to do is click and voila.  It's that easy right?  Mamas of more than one tell me it's that easy!  ;)
The first week and a half has been great and fun, (with a feeling of accomplishment).  Again, I am not wanting to be structured.  I plan things but still go with her pace and interest.  After all she is only 2!
We have started KinderMusic again.  We learned about the letter "A".  What it says, scavenger hunting for it while reading, etc.  However, the biggest fun for Anna this past week has been the box.  We bought her a new car seat and the box that it came with has been very popular.  I keep looking at it while it sits in my living room and wanting to throw it out.  However, it has been a life saver at times, (like when she throws a crazy tantrum and she needs her space.  She willingly will sit in that box), that I dread the day to come when it's lived it's life and I really will have to throw it out.

Here's a few moments I was able to capture of our past week of "home learning".  :)
A is for art
I never took a picture of our first class of Kinder Music since I was too busy with Anna.  Here Anna is with daddy doing music time at home.  
Anna with her current favorite thing in the world.  The Box!

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