As for me and my house...


This is our new house!  We have actually been living here for going on 3 months.  So many times I have attempted to sit and write a post about the big, gracious, challenging, blessed adventure of moving into this beautiful home and either words would leave me, I would get overwhelmed with all of the detail that goes into the story or little humans that are my children would rather me play with them.  So, in this rare moment of one being content playing alone and the other still napping, I will try and give the quick story without butchering up too much.  :)

As soon as Nolan was born on our living room floor, we realized just how cramped we all were in our little townhome.  It was actually more of hating the fact that our children had no yard to play and explore in.  We couldn't have people over for dinner because we couldn't even fit a dinner table inside our house.  We were just outgrowing the house and we knew that it was time to get out.  The question was how?  Where?  When?  Did we ask how?  That was the biggest question.  We were pretty deep under water with the home.  We couldn't sell it for how much we still owed on it.  So, lots of praying happened.  When I say lots, I mean we took the bible literal when it says "pray without ceasing".  I am pretty sure that during conversation with people, if that conversation stalled for any amount of time, they heard me praying.  Ok, maybe not.  However, perhaps saw me space out as I was praying in my head.  Then one day, after Kyle talking and discussing it all with some friends who are in the real estate biz, we discussed doing a short sale.  Pride wanted to jump up and overtake us.  Worry wanted to choke us to death.  However, we just prayed even harder and really just asked God for peace.  Peace for whatever He wanted us to do.  Of course He did.  So, we filled out the paper work to do the short sale on our home and get it on the market.  Very soon after it being on the market did we get a buyer.  Yes!  It was so fast!  We will be out of here in no time!  What silly thinking we had.   It was many months of getting papers filed and mortgages to approve.  However, 7 months later it all went through.  It was time to house hunt.  In all those months of us waiting to see what was going to happen with the townhome, Kyle's dad told us that he wanted to get a loan out for us to buy and when our credit is back, we buy from him.  Again, pride wanted to jump.  How would that make us look?  What would others think?   Also, that is a huge offer!  Would we be horrible people to receive such a blessing?  We prayed more!  Asking God to give us peace again if this is the route He wants us to take.  Remove our pride and become humble.  To not rob Ron and Tricia of being a blessing.  Of course He answered and peace consumed us.  So, off to search for houses for sell.  We looked at a few with our realtor.   We had a list of houses to go look at and so we went house to house.  Giving lots of shoulder shrugs and "ehs".   After we had looked at all the houses that we had wanted to look at, our realtor told us of one more house he wanted us to see.  It belonged to an elderly woman who wasn't capable of living alone anymore so her daughter was selling for her.  Built in the late 60's and she was the original owner.  We pull up and I told Kyle that this was it.  This was our home. We toured inside and despite the old lady decorating and smell, I could visualize our kids growing up in this house.  It also had so many little details I had prayed for to have in our next home.  Between an open and big kitchen, two living spaces so we could have a play/learning room, walk in closet and fireplace, it truly was an answered prayer.  We then walked in the backyard.  Not only did it have a good size backyard, (or just a backyard in general!  It really was hard having kids in a home with no yard!), but it also had this huge car port/ back patio with a porch swing!  You see, I didn't hate our town house.  It actually had a few details that I loved and knew I would miss.  My upstairs balcony was one.  It wasn't a great view.  It was looking out into our neighbors front porches actually.  However, it was such a serene place for me to go and rock on our patio rocker and do lots of thinking.  I loved it!   Not only did I get a space like that again but it was so much bigger and it had a swing!!  Can't nobody tell me that my God isn't romantic.  :)
We left very giddy and pretty much knowing this was it.  We showed it to Kyle's parents.  We prayed more!  We then went through the long process of bank approval and all the fun jazz that comes with, for Ron and Tricia, purchasing a second house to rent.  All the while we are having to pack and leave the town home because it's sold.  We were blessed enough to get to stay with Kyles parents.  All the money we saved from having to stay at a hotel or condo. It also saved my sanity.  A stay at a hotel or condo is only fun when on vacation. This certainly was no vacation.  The seller of the house also allowed us access to the home and us to move our furniture in and start doing some work around the house before it was technically ours.  All the money we saved not having to rent a storage unit.  It was a total of a little over a month that we were in between houses and living with Kyle's parents.  
When it was time to close on our townhome, God showed us just how big He is and just how He provides for His people.  We prepared ourselves having to still owe a few thousand dollars to balance what we still owed the bank after the sell.  We also prepared ourselves for however much we would owe for the closing.  Let me tell you, we paid zero amount!  Not a penny.  You ask me how that happened even today, I couldn't tell you.  It seriously makes no sense to me!   Can't nobody tell me that God doesn't provide either!
So, there you have it.  The story of our home and God's sweet provision.  I'm sure it's not what some would do if in our position.  I'm sure some could think of a different route that we could have taken.  Perhaps.  We truly did what we believe God wanted us to.  Seeing how it all played out so far, I have no doubt that we did the right thing.   It's been our testimony and we are still seeing Him do His work when it comes to this house.   So, yes, the house is beautiful and spacious enough for our family to grow here.  It's more importantly a house that serves our Lord.  Kyle and I want to use this home to bring all glory to Him.

Anna set her dolls like this one day when coming to visit the new house before we had officially moved in.  They were keeping guard I suppose. ;)  Photo taken by my mother in law.  :)

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