You're always worth it

I have always enjoyed the song "Worth it" by Rita Springer.  Who doesn't enjoy her voice??  I even saw her perform one night at a local church here.  I loved her story and testimony.
When I saw her perform, never did I know that this song that she wrote for her own life struggles would ring so true in my own life.
Two years ago today, this song became my anthem.  When I had miscarried Sky it was so hard and tough trying to figure out why God would allow it to happen.  However, I knew that His plans are always so much better than my own.  His ways are so worth any heartache, any pain, any confusion.  I don't have to try and understand it.  What freedom that is really.  I would go crazy if I tried to use my own understanding of why a lot of things do or don't happen.
Even today in other situations I am having to remind myself to choose praise when I don't understand why.  Again, I will lean on the fact that His ways are always better than my own.

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