Dear Coffee, I love you. That is all

I painted and refurbished this old microwave cart that our old neighbor sold to us for cheap.  I have been looking for a cart of some sort to play as some extra counter space and coffee bar.  We found a beautiful one at TJ Maxx one day.  Had the butcher block and all.  I excitedly told Kyle that it was exactly what I have been looking for.  He responded, "Let's get it".  Oh, my sweet dear husband.  He clearly didn't look at the $600 price tag.  I just laughed and told him that's sweet but I am not willing to spend that kind of money.  After I told him the price he was very glad we agreed on that.
Then our ex neighbor who we love and miss, posted on a local yard sale group that he was selling his microwave cart.

Oops.  Almost forgot to take a before picture

Thankfully there is pinterest.  I knew I could easily paint this and make it look like exactly what I wanted.  I was a bit nervous though.  See, I've always claimed myself as having no creative bone in my body.  I also can be a huge perfectionist.  So, never have painted furniture before and worrying that I would screw it all up, (even if it is just paint and we only spent $25 for this cart), I did a lot of research, pinteresting and even turned to my ig friends for tips and encouragement.  I received some and so I told myself that I can do this.  It can't possibly be that hard.  I chose the exact tutorial that I wanted to follow, (because there's like a million plus one) and bought my supplies.
I chose to follow THIS tutorial.
I gave just the top counter a good sanding.

I already had the wood finish from a shelf I had painted for our play room.  I just watered down a bit and did the paint on, wait a few and wipe off.  I didn't want the counter top too dark.  It's obviously still dark but it would have been darker had I not done the previous stated.

I did buy chalk paint from a local flea market.  I just bought a sampler and it was a little over $11!  I know there are tons of tutorials for how to make your own but I knew I could get by with just the sampler so I just spent the money.  It also being my first time doing anything like this, I at least wanted good chalk paint.  The sampler was just enough.  There wasn't a drop left.

I used a few coats of the chalk paint and when it was all dry, I placed the drawer and second shelf back on.  I am very pleased with the end result.  I am glad that it was indeed easy peasy.
So easy in fact that I am now looking at some old furniture in my house that could use a good face lift. ;)  My next project is to paint and refurbish my two night stands in our master bedroom.  However, I might really look into making my own chalk paint and try it out.

What are some recent house projects you have done or have plans to do?

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