Dusting off the cobwebs

Hello!  I have come back to start blogging again.  I sure have missed it.  Life got pretty busy, to say the least, and why there was a long two year break. So much to update on. I will dust off the cobwebs of this here blog and do a quick run down of the last two years.

Anna started school.  In 2014 she attended the 3k class at a local private school for the last few months of that school year.  She's since gone to preschool and is attending kindergarden there right now.  She loves it there.  Plans after this school year is to homeschool.  Sure there will be plenty of posts regarding that journey as I learn that whole new world.


More home improvements in our home since moving in.  LIke new floors!  Can I get a hallelujah?!  I still smile every time I pull into our home drive way.  That is always a good sign. 

My first tomato plant....that Nolan pulled off the vine. More thankfully followed

  • I have finally started a veggie garden.  I started off with just a pot garden and last year we made raised beds.  I am still a huge work in progress, as is my green thumb, but I absolutely love it.  With spring coming, it's just about time to start seeding again. YAY!  

Hearing baby heartbeat for the first time

It's a Girl!  Harper Joy
    Getting pregnant and the birth of Harper Joy.  From the trying to conceive to her actual birth was a total trust in Christ our Lord and His love truly never fails.  (If you wish to read her birth story, comment below and I will make a separate post about it)

    • A new job offer for Kyle.  In Nashville!
    • Wow!  We are really moving to Nashville!
      Nevermind. We are staying in Florida.
      (This too would have to be a post all on it's own.)
    • Summer
    • Fall
    • Winter?  No?  Florida isn't getting a winter this year it looks like.  It's February and Spring has come early folks.  

    Here's to 2017.  A brand new year with brand new goals, dreams and adventures. ✌

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