Makeover Monday

Happy Monday!
Let's start this week off with a makeover Monday post.
For this week, I thought I would share how I white washed the brick to my fireplace.  Then when I went to find a "before" picture of it, I saw that it was of my whole dining room and you guys!  Praise Jesus that whole room got a good 'ole makeover!  I almost forgot about the nasty old carpet that was in my dining room!  And just how dark it all was because of the rusty red brick.  Blah!
So, without further ado!

It's almost like two different room!  I absolutely love our new floors!  I am so thankful that God provided for us to be able to rip out all the old carpet through the whole house.  We laid the hardwood flooring everywhere except the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and foyer.  Those rooms all have tile and so we will tackle those floors when we renovate those rooms.  (Praying our kitchen is next as far as the next big project!)
Now, let's talk about this table!  So, when we lived in our small town house before moving here, we didn't even own a dining room table because there was no space.  When we moved here, we went around and looked for a table at local consignment stores.  I liked what we bought but it was white and the paint was a pain to clean!  Two kids and lots of play dates,  you need a table that is easy to clean.  Well, we have a friend who makes these amazing farmhouse tables.  Kyle worked out a great deal and got me this beautiful big table!   We can have company over and it seats all of us.  Well, most of us if we have my entire family over.  ;)  This table still makes me swoon when I see it.  ♡

When I was about 28 weeks pregnant with Harper is when I decided I could not look at this red brick any longer!  Perhaps it was nesting or I just knew it was a "now or who knows when this will happen" situation.   Regardless, I am thankful I finally did it.  I just mixed half and half of water and white primer paint.  It took about 2-3 coats for the finish that I was pleased with.  It made my dining room so much happier and brighter.  

So, there you have it.   What are some makeovers you've been able to tackle?  Or you have on your list to tackle?  Please share if you've posted about it.  I love looking at real life house projects. ☺

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