Beauty in the Journey

I have big dreams of making things I possess beautiful.  Every room in my home; my lawn; this blog.
Having these dreams and goals are great!  However, so is the process.  Or dare I say it?  The wait.
I can get so lost in my dreams or my desires that I miss out in the beauty that can be in the wait or the process.
One of my testimonies of God teaching me to worship in the waiting is after my lost before I had Nolan.  I had desired to get pregnant after Anna turned a year and within a few months, it happened.  I was so excited.  Sadly, when I reached 12 weeks, I had miscarried.  I wanted to get pregnant again so bad.  I was grieving and yearning for another chance all at once.  A whirlwind of emotions.  I did get pregnant only four months after the miscarriage but can I be vulnerable and say,  those four months were the longest of my life?  Every month that it didn't happen, I was so upset that I was even having to go through this because I was suppose to be however many weeks pregnant by then.  One day I had taken Anna out to the park and just enjoyed my time with just her and I.  Was there sadness from losing our baby?  Sure.  But I saw that blessing that I had right then and I was reminded that I need to worship in this season.  The season that is just me and my one child.  The season in waiting.   I felt God tell me to dance in the waiting.  Dance.  That's not just sitting and looking around for the promise.  It's jumping, twirling, laughing.   It wasn't easy but I did with all my might.  Because our Heavenly Father is so gracious and loving, He gave me strength where I wasn't strong.  He received my praises that I had to give and multiplied them.  Faithfully, I got pregnant with Nolan and I now have my energetic, wild and loving 3.5 year old.
I'm thankful for that lesson of learning to dance in the waiting.
There's a song from Bethel, "Heroes".   One part of the lyrics that just sang to my soul.
You taught my feet
To dance upon disappointment
And I, I will worship 
I'm thankful for the lesson because I have had to reapply it many times again in my life.  Some for something small and other times, something big.
I encourage you to dance in whatever waiting period you are in.  It's not always easy.  Sometimes it's hard to even hear any type of song to dance to.  Regardless, dance.  Dance however your heart is able.  I would also be honored and most willing to pray for you and any circumstance you are in.  Feel free to email me or comment below.  Jesus loves you so very much.♡

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