Easter Traditions

Easter was this past weekend and it was such a wonderful weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and being with family.
There are certain traditions we have that have been passed down since I was a kid.  There are others that I am debating on whether I want to keep or just toss away while I can since my kids are still young.   Easter baskets filled with goodies is the one I am debating to toss.  We've made filled easter baskets since Anna's first easter, five years ago.  It was nothing fancy.  Just a few books, a toy and easter eggs filled with goldfish.  We still don't do anything too fancy but my kids are only getting older to where the "goodies" are becoming more expensive.   I heard my older two having a conversation a few days before Easter sunday and Anna was explaining to Nolan that Easter doesn't mean easter bunny.  It means Jesus died on the cross and came back alive three days later.  If my almost six year old gets it and knows the real reason, why exactly am I doing Easter baskets?
I really don't find anything wrong with them.  Please don't take as I'm condemning anyone who does them.  It was just a personal question I had asked myself.  If this is something I really want to continue doing for my family.

There are other traditions, however, that I love and will continue doing them.

We read or tell them the story of Jesus' love and sacrifice He gave to us by dying on the cross for our sins and His resurrection.  Anna loves telling this story as well.  She listened to Kyle read and then went on explaining it.  How amazing it is to get it from a child's perspective.
Then he said, "I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.   -Matthew 18:3

We all go to my parents house for lunch after church.  That's where we do the egg hunt for all the grandkids.  My parents have 36 grandkids...so far.  This isn't everyone as some live out of state but still, this is a very large group.  We actually have to split the egg hunt into different groups according to age groups.  You know you have a large family when...

This year was split into three groups, (Oldest group not pictured).
Another tradition that was passed down from when we were kids and did egg hunts at my grandparents is the golden egg.  The golden egg contains money and the adults hide that the hardest, of course.  The older kids tend to make it a higher priority to find the golden egg than to get the others filled with just candy. ha!
There you have it.  Our Easter traditions.
Do you have any Easter traditions that you and your family do?  Would love to read them.  Comment down below.

Bonus pictures because, why not? ☺

Looking to see what kind of candy they scored

Those baby blues get me everytime

Of course Monkey helped hunt down some eggs too

Big sissy helping Harper collect eggs

Some of the teen cousins, (my nephew and nieces)