Kid's Laundry Day

Laundry is a chore I actually don't mind doing.  Oddly, it's one of my favorites.  I don't mind the washing, drying, folding and putting away.  However, it would bother me to fold and cram all my kid's clothes in their chest of drawer, only for them to go in and shuffle the clothes all around where you couldn't even clothes the drawers.  I've tried drawer organizers.  That apparently was a challenge, according to my kids, to see how much more unorganized they could get the drawers.
Then one day, I saw this amazing idea from DO IT ON A DIME.  Basically,  you get a cube storage unit, throw everything in a fabric bin and ta dah!  All done.  No need to fold.  It's been a life saver for this OCD mama who couldn't walk by my kids drawers without pulling all the clothes out and refolding and organizing again so I could shut them drawers!

Kid's laundry day is a family event.  Most of the time one of them, if not both, want to help me load the washer and dryer.  Then, when it's all washed, I throw the pile in the middle of the floor.  They gather their own items and throw in the designated fabric bin.  (Harper likes to follow behind them and throw them out, of course, because she's almost a toddler and that's what they do).   When everything is collected and put away, the kids then take the bin back to where it belongs.  That's it folks.  It's amazing!

As you can see, no folding is required.

This new system has made life so much easier and the kids can help.  Gives them even more independence.  What mama doesn't want all of that??

Do you have a laundry system or any "laundry day hacks"?   Share in the comments. I would love to read and learn.


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