Kid's Rooms Tour

We finished up the kids bedrooms!  Finally!  We've been living in this house for almost 3 years.  Every time we thought we had the rooms set up and decorated to our liking, something would happen and we would be changing things around.  Which, I am sure we will be doing so again at some point but for now, I am liking things the way they are and so I am hoping we get to enjoy it for a bit. 😜
We have the older two in one bedroom and the baby in her own room.  We just find that it's easier to have a baby room for sleeping purposes.  Eventually we will put the girls in one and Nolan in the other but again, I am looking forward to just enjoying the finish product for a while.  We will cross that bridge when we get there.

With the older two sharing a room, I had to figure out a way to keep it gender neutral.  Which isn't too hard really.  We repainted the room as well.  We decided on a soft grey because it's easy.  Just being honest.  Haha.

We've minimized their toys some.  What you see in the cubicle dresser is what's left.  Minus tiny legos we have put up in their closet so Harper can't get into.   We also removed their dresser and started a "no folding" system.  You can read all about that from a previous post, HERE.   It's added so much more space.  
I purchased Nolan's bedding from Target.  We were able to find a vintage quilt for Anna at a local flea market.  

We did a "his" side and a "her" side for their gallery walls.  

Nothing fancy and very simple.  It's just nice to have it complete.  Our kids love it too.  

Next is Harper's room.  It took a long while to decorated her room.  For a few reasons.  
This was Nolan's room and we didn't transfer him out until....honestly, I can't remember.  I was about to say after Harper was born but I think we did before to get both him and Anna used to sharing room but also because I think I needed a place to store baby things other than my room.  Haha.  Regardless, it wasn't anything until after she was born because we didn't know she was a she until she was born.  Because we didn't know the gender, we also didn't buy anything before.  Besides, we also knew she would be in with us for at least the first few months.  Again, we just needed somewhere to put her clothes and diapers and such.  
Harper showed signs of being ready for her own bed and space when she was just a few months old.  Just like big sis.  So, we put the crib back together and I began to slowly collect things to decorate her room.  She didn't even have a bed set that wasn't previously her siblings, until very recent.  She turned a year old in April.  Just a glimpse of how long it's taken us.  Haha.  We purchased her whole bed set at Target.  They have a new baby line called Cloud Island.  Adorable!  The blanket was what I've been looking for!  And for $15?  Can't beat that.

So, there's the tour.  
Nothing magezine worthy.  Heck, not even pinterest worthy.  😅 I wouldn't make a career out of home interior design by no means.  However, I love decorating my own home.  I love finding pieces that fit our family's personality and working with it.  I love the feeling of my home because it's us.  
And I hope you enjoyed this tiny tour. 🏡

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