The Best of July

We are in the second day of August!  Can you believe it??
We said goodbye to July.  Our last full month of summer vacation.  Not that summer ends here in Florida anytime soon. 😜
July was filled with lots of good times and a making of fun memories.  There was the celebration of July 4th, (one of my favorite holidays.), Kyle going on a special trip with just his dad and brother, movie dates and lots of water play outdoors.

I didn't capture a whole lot of pictures on the Fourth of July.  It was a full day of family, good food and watching fireworks by the water at a park from my childhood.  

Anna has officially started gymnastics.  She absolutely loves it and we love watching her shine through it.  She practices her cartwheels and handstands any moment she gets.  If there's any open space around her, you better believe she will do one or the other.  If not both.


Puppies!  Have I mentioned that we will be getting a puppy?  My parents in law's dogs had a litter of 5.  So, we get one.  We go and visit them any chance we get.  They are just about 6 weeks old.  July was certainly filled with lots of puppy holding and cuddles.  😉

Kyle went on a quick weekend trip to Miami with his dad and brother.  They went to three baseballs games!  One game each day.  That's a classic Hock boy.  While there, Kyle's brother surprised him with a tour of the Miami Dolphins stadium.  He was pretty stoked!  

It was a lovely month.  Lot's of late nights and sleeping ins.  Playing out back until the sun goes down.  Sticky fingers from melting popsicles.  Sleep overs and ice-cream trips.  July in Florida can be brutal with the heat and humidity but I sure do love summer time.  

So long July!

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